waterproofing Cagliari Sardegna Italy
Waterproofing Cagliari Sardegna Italy


Waterproofing insurance policy included in the term of 10 years.


 roof waterproofing

Waterproofing company for terraces, roofs and foundations.

The roof waterproofing is complete and covers all the adjacent structures like parapets, gutters, chimneys, flashings and fence wall cover elements.

Nothing is left out. We are able to intervene on buildings of any kind due to the use of recent technologies and materials such as the Polyurea.

Whether large residential buildings or industrial buildings, with flat or pitched roofs, our service ensures complete insulation from infiltration and moisture.

Foundations waterproofing

Waterproofing interventions and waterproofing sheath laying

We can retrain basements and cellars located below sea level, or affected by serious flooding problems caused by ground water.

In order to provide a complete service, our interventions include masonry work, preparation of technical rooms and wells, installation of submersed pumps for collection and drainage of water coming from underground.

Contact us for any problem or infiltration of moisture and will carry out inspections and free estimates.

Swimming pool waterproofing

Is one of our areas of focus also the construction and waterproofing of swimming pools Indoor, outdoor or hot tubs, including customized design and rendering service.
Construction of swimming pools Indoor
Waterproofing of swimming pools