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Insulated and ventilated floating floor

Floating floor

The floating floor is fast, convenient, inspectable and safe.
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Floating floor

For those who have problems with infiltration into their terrace, a quicker and more effective solution is certainly the laying of the floating floor, always after waterproofing.

To solve the problem of complete demolition, a quicker solution that allows the laying of a floor without the aid of mortars, fillers and masonry work is certainly the floating floor with synthetic grass or tiles.

The floating floor is laid dry, with the aid of special adjustable supports and guarantees a very fast execution time.

Coibentazione tetto

The floor is easy to maintain

In case of infiltration into the terraces it is very often difficult to understand where the damaged waterproofing layer is located, which allows water to pass and damage the floors and dwellings below. Unfortunately in this case the only solution is the total demolition with reconstruction of the screed and laying of the floor.
Instead, with the floating floor it is possible to inspect the state of conservation of the sheath as the tiles can be lifted without problems. Once the floor has been removed, we can easily access the waterproofing layer and carry out any work, all carried out by qualified personnel. The floating floor has the advantage of being easily inspectable and of guaranteeing easy maintenance in total safety.

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Insulated synthetic, ventilated and draining synthetic grass floor.

Modules in synthetic grass are modular solutions for the insulation and coating of flat and vertical surfaces. The synthetic grass floor is practical, natural-looking and suitable for multiple uses and living contexts. The laying of the floating floor with synthetic grass allows you to have the same advantages as when inserting a layer of insulating material in a terrace. In fact you can opt for special floating floors that also have a layer of insulating material inside them that makes them an excellent thermal insulator. Always for the purposes of thermal insulation, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the floating floor is laid in an elevated position and allows to have an air gap. This means that the floating floor is a ventilated floor, able to guarantee dry, ventilation and thermal insulation in all seasons.

Tax deductions for the synthetic grass floor

Take advantage of tax deductions to make the waterproofing and insulation of your terraces more advantageous.
Your investment pays for itself.


Reduction of intervention time


Energy efficiency improvement


Maximum tax deduction obtainable*

* Tax deduction up to 65% on the basis of current legislation and according to the stratigraphy carried out