Insulation Cagliari Sardegna Italy
Insulation Cagliari Sardegna Italy


Energy saving, comfort and well-being


Thermal cladding and roof insulation

We are able to detect the thermal bridges through careful analysis of the structures, calculation of the transmittance and with the aid of specific instruments such as the thermo-chamber.

After evaluating the critical points we can intervene on both the thermal coating outer coat of the building envelope, and roof insulation. The insulation reduces waste, improves comfort and quality of life.

Saving energy helps protect the environment.

wall Insulation

The cost of insulation pays for itself

You can also estimate the time required to recover the investment made by the method of Net Present Value (NPV), which takes into account the discount rate for the Cash Flows. In cash flow the economic benefits are taken into account, which is the lowest spending sustained for heating due to reduced heat loss.

Year after year these savings, added together, will allow to fully repay the initial intervention cost. The calculation takes into account the cost of energy, the efficiency of heating, heat dissipation for transmittance, degree days of the relevant climate zone, rate discounting and tax rebate provided by the italian government.


Reducing consumption for cooling


Reducing consumption for heating


Energy efficiency improvement

Net Present Value NPV

Return time and cash flow of an intervention of the roof insulation


  • Intervention price: € 4,500 *
  • Roof surface: 90 m²
  • Transmittance values before the operation: 1.9 W / m²K
  • Transmittance alues after the intervention: 0.32 W / m²K

The graph shows that the estimated time for the return of the intervention is less than 4 years. The economic convenience of the intervention is appreciated from the fourth year onwards, where the savings continue to accumulate.

. The calculation was made by considering the following values: degree days 1500; efficiency heating 0.75; annual consumption of 18,000 kWh gas before surgery cost unit € 0.15 / kWh; discount rate 3%; Tax Deductions 65%.
The cost is indicative and varies depending on the case.