Acquastop Srl, waterproofing, insulation, renovation, Cagliari, Italy

Waterproofing, insulation, renovation

Acquastop specializes in the field of waterproofing, insulation and renovation. Gives value to old buildings, improves comfort and quality of life and environment.



Our interventions are designed to permanently eliminate the infiltration of water from roofs, terraces, walls, chimneys and foundations.

We are also able to redevelop basements or cellars, with serious flooding problems, through the use of specific techniques appropriate for each individual case.

Recover and renovate the walls and floors with water infiltration problems is our mission.



Respect for the environment and attention to reducing waste, drives us to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through insulation measures.

The reduction of the transmittance of the casing brings consistent advantages to buildings, not only of economic nature, but also in terms of comfort and quality of life.

Improved comfort, quality of life and environment is our mission.



We carry out extensive renovation works, providing customized service tailored to customer needs.

Design, execution of works, construction legal practices management, permissions required: nothing is left out. We have direct relationship with our customers to get as close as possible to all their demands.

Give form to your project is our mission.

Waterproofing Cagliari Sardegna Italy


specializes in the field of waterproofing and relies on highly qualified personnel with over a decade experience.

Thanks to the know-how and continuous professional training, we can intervene both on small civil buildings, and on major projects such as dams, industrial buildings or buildings of any other typology.

Insulation Cagliari Sardegna Italy


Acquastop performs interventions to the entire building envelope as basements footings, walls and pitched or flat roofs.

Thanks to upgrading of the residential energy efficiency Tax Credit rebates can be accessed.

Renovation Cagliari Sardegna Italy


is able to restructure and upgrade homes that carry the signs of aging, preserving and improving value, quality and living comfort.

Design service, request permission management and paperwork. Free estimates.

Insurance coverage for waterproofing

  • Satisfied customers
  • Successful interventions
  • Work delivered within agreed terms